Tacky Flydrophobic SD Fly Box

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Waterproof Seal & Closure
The Flydrophobic SD is boasts the most innovative waterproof system in any fly box. It’s patent pending latchless waterproof seal is the first of its kind in any fly box. The gasket not only keeps the moisture out, but is engineered with such precision that it securely holds the box closed, acting as the closure system as well.

Frame & Seal
In order to allow the eVent fabric to do it’s job properly it was crucial that we create a complete seal when adhering the fabric to the lid of the box. Through a combination of compression, adhesive, and ultrasonic welding this fabric securely in place, allowing the eVent fabric to completely keep the box free from any moisture when closed.

eVent Fabric
The interior of the lid of the box is lined with eVent fabric. This fabric keeps moisture out of the box while allowing moisture
What makes the eVent fabric truly unique is the billions of microscopic pores built into it’s proprietary membrane that work instantly to vent water vapor that builds up inside the box.

Molded Silicone Insert
The Flydrophobic SD utilizes the same mat system as our Predator fly box. This system is comprised of molded silicone molds that are compressed and closed shut by plastic ribs on the bottom of the box. This patent pending mechanism allows us to precisely determine the size of the slits and thus determine the anchoring strength of those slits.

There are many other aspects of the Flydrophobic SD that truly set it apart. Among those are…
Stainless Steel hinge pin
Lanyard loop for easy portability and carrying
Hinge stop keeps keeps the lid of your box from opening too much
Entire box is made of durable polycarbonate making it durable and strong, just as all our other Tacky Fly Boxes

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