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Many fly tying threads were sourced from the textile industry many years ago and have remained unchanged ever since. Many of these threads are strong enough when used with caution but are prone to snapping at the most inconvenient time (usually just before you whip finish a fly that took 15 minutes to tie!).

Nano Silk is a modern hi-tech fibre sourced by the Semper Fli team which is coloured and spooled by us to provide the modern fly tyer with a thread to meet their needs.


The fact is it’s really up to you... but here are a few tips and tricks from the Semper Fli team to get you started.
- Extra strength means flies can be tied tighter with more pressure meaning more resilient flies
- Thread breakage is virtually eliminated
- Minimum thickness means thread build up is no longer an issue.
- Slim bodied flies are possible even with many turns of silk as - Nano Silk adds virtually no bulk.
- When pulled tight Nano Silk can disappear into the dressing of a fly.
- No need to varnish heads! A simple whip finish can be pulled tight and won’t come undone when fished.
- Multi-strand structure means thread can be split to form dubbing loops.
- Nano Silk is so fine it can doubled up midway through dressing a fly to form a dubbing loop without excess build up
- On complex dressings with many steps half hitches or 2 turn whip finishes can be applied without fear of losing tension or excessive build up

Nano Silk is also stronger than many fly tying tools a ceramic fly tying bobbin is recommended
100 meter spool

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Nano Silk, 20th Apr 2020

Reviewer: Al Campbell

Great product very strong thread and at 18/0 perfect for the thinnest chironomid profiles you dream of

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