Casting Clave 2018

  2018-03-13 at 16:31 pm


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Join Bow River Troutfitters at our second annual FREE Casting Clave on May 26th and 27th. The goal of our casting clave is to bring Alberta's fly fishing community together to share knowledge and forge relationships, while learning and improving our casting techniques and testing some of the best gear on the market.

To be clear, everything at the casting clave is completely free of cost.



May 26 - 10:00AM to 4:00PM and

May 27 - 10:00AM to 4:00PM



The same location as last year, Carburn Park, Calgary, AB. We will be in the strip of land between the  north and south Carburn Ponds. 

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Watch casting seminars, try out demo gear and get casting tips from the pros. The clave is completely free and will feature seminars on single and double-handed casting all oriented towards fly fishing here in Alberta. 

Test out a selection of demo rods, reels and lines at the Carburn Ponds while having the opportunity to receive casting tips and instruction. We'll have a large selection of R.L. Winston and Loop Tackle rods, Temple Fork Outfitters, Rio Products and Airflo lines to cast, along with many reels to pair them with. If you are interested in seeing any products in particular, please send us an email or chat with us at the shop.

Seminars will cover everything from the fundamentals of making effective single-hand casts, to advanced techniques in single and double handed casting and fishing. There’s no doubt that even some of the most experienced anglers around benefitted from some of last years excellent presentations.

We will also be hosting the R.L. Winston ‘cast a Winston win a Winston’ contest. Cast a Winston during the clave and be entered to win a new Winston Kairos on June 15th! Just in time for opener.


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Staff from BRT, Bow River guides, sales representatives, and other fly fishing industry professionals.

Plus, Aquabatics will be in attendance showing off some of their excellent watercraft.

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Stay tuned as we release our seminar schedule and further information about the event.