Fishing Reports

Our Calgary fishing reports are brought to you straight from our office, the rivers and streams of Central and Southern Alberta, to give you the latest information regarding hatches, patterns, and tactics. Each report will touch on the main rivers and streams in Alberta that we call our home waters. These include but are not exclusive to the Bow River, Highwood River, Oldman River, Crowsnest River and the Red Deer River Drainage. We pride ourselves in providing you with trusted local insights across all of our fishing reports!   As always, email or call the shop for current information at 403 282-8868.

Fishing Report - July 16th, 2021

Flow rates on the Bow have been consistent over the past week, and some great fishing has coincided. Anglers are finding steady success fishing stoneflies, droppers, and streamers throughout the day. Fish have been feeding actively on the surface, creating some great dry fly opportunities. Dry stones will work throughout the day, particularly in the early mornings. Don& ...
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By Jacob
  2021-07-16 at 21:00 pm

Fishing Report - June 24th, 2021

Fishing on the Bow has been decent despite the varying water conditions. Hot weather followed by rain has the river up slightly, but it is on the downturn and currently flowing around ~230 m3 /s. More hot weather is forecasted for the foreseeable future, which could lead to some evening caddis activity. Streamer fishing and nymphing during the day time has been the most ...
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By Jacob
  2021-06-24 at 18:26 pm

Fishing Report - May 21st, 2021

Flows on the Bow have been increasing over the past week and despite the higher water, conditions are still quite good (until you get below the Highwood!). We are currently sitting at ~160 m3/s in town and as such the streamer fishing has picked up and nymph fishing is always consistent. Caddis have been hatching for a while now and there are still some blue-winged oliv ...
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By Jacob
  2021-05-20 at 21:48 pm

Fishing Report - April 17th, 2021

While we are probably going to get some more snow, the past week or two has been a welcomed pleasure for weather. The water is still low and clear, but it will not be long until warmer temps induce runoff. But if you’re like us even bad weather days are tolerable if you can get out on the river. No bad weather, just bad gear! Fish are slowly becoming more ...
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By Ben
  2021-04-17 at 22:40 pm

Fishing Report - March 19th, 2021

After being stuck inside due to very cold weather, many anglers are finally getting back out on the water. Recent mild temperatures have made for more open water and (somewhat) more active fish.  While the weather has improved, most fish will still be in their wintering holes, colder water temps mean the fish will have slower metabolis ...
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By Benjamin Day
  2021-03-19 at 17:23 pm

FISHING REPORT - October 2020

FISHING REPORT - OCTOBER 2020           ...
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By Chris Niccolls
  2020-09-27 at 17:46 pm

Fishing Report - September 2nd, 2020

  Even though it’s September there is still some summer heat to be had out on the water so remember the bright sun and warmer temps can push fish i ...
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By Chris
  2020-09-01 at 23:19 pm

Fishing Report, August 9th, 2020

The Bow has been relatively stable as of late, however, the occasional drastic and unpredictable change in flow coming from Bearspaw Dam can put the fish off for a day or so. Regardless, the ...
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By Ben
  2020-08-07 at 20:23 pm

Fishing Report – July 16th, 2020

   Fishing Report July 16th, 2020   We might fin ...
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By Chris
  2020-07-16 at 16:41 pm

Fishing Report – June 19th, 2020

Fishing Report – June 19th, 2020        Over the past few weeks, we have seen some high flows on the Bow as a result of a combination of snow melt and rain. However, this has started to change recently, and ...
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By Matt
  2020-06-19 at 21:32 pm





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