Aiden Foster

If you could never fly fish again, what activity would subsequently take over your life?

Anything that has to do with mountains. I’ve always loved hiking, biking, skiing, etc. and find myself partaking in these activities when I’m not on the water. I also don’t mind a good game of shinny during the dog days of winter.


   How do you take your coffee?

I haven’t quite hit the “coffee” stage yet, tea with a splash of milk isn’t bad.


First fly rod? And a story to go with it/ how you broke it


My first fly rod was a TFO NXT 4 wt. The second I got it I went straight to the park to give it a cast, and quite frankly it wasn’t pretty. This was the first time I cast a fly rod. I haven’t broken it yet, but I’ve definitely had some close calls.


First fish you caught on a fly you tied.


The first fish I caught on a fly I tied was a 10” small stream brookie on an sz 12 Elk Hair Caddis. It was only my 3rd time really fly fishing, and my grandpa was helping me out. We had just finished our lunch after a morning of me only catching trees, and I remember seeing a fish rise fairly close to me. I ran towards it knowing this was my chance. After missing the fish twice (I didn’t know how to mend), it came up and ate my caddis for the third time and I somehow got it to stick. I picked up fly tying and fly fishing at about the same time, so this was also my first fish on a dry fly. It’s funny for me to go through all of my first flies and compare them to the ones Jacob and I are tying today.

What excites you about working in this community?


By far the learning aspect. I love to talk to our guides, customers and fellow staff members to see if there is anything I can learn from them that will better my fishing ability. It is impossible to know too much about fly fishing. On the other hand, I also like to help others learn the sport of fly fishing. I really appreciate teaching at our beginner courses because I can watch people’s skills develop and see them get just as excited about fly fishing as I am.


Would you consider any specific water body your ‘home waters?’ How have these waters shaped you as fly angler?


The Bow hands down. I have been fortunate enough to grow up just a short walk away from the city stretch, and I fish it whenever I get the chance. The Bow is not an easy river to fish as a beginner, and I got frustrated whenever I didn’t catch fish or couldn’t cast a double nymph rig out 50+ feet like the other guys fishing. Through fishing the Bow, I’ve learned that you must must stay optimistic and look for the subtle, lesser fished water.


Aiden Rainbow

Beyond simply catching fish, what excites you about fly fishing.


Beyond catching fish I enjoy laughing and having a good time on the river with friends and family. I’m also slowly getting my dad into fly fishing, and it’s exciting to see him pick it up and catch fish.


Dream trip – within Canada and globally


In Canada, I would love to do a Steelhead trip to the Dean or Skeena. I’ve seriously gotten into the whole trout spey game, and Steelhead fishing seems to be the epitome of fishing a two handed rod. Globally, I think it would be incredible to go to Iceland to fish for big Brown Trout, Arctic Char and Atlantic Salmon.



Aiden Brown

Number 1 tip for a beginner fly fisherman

 Go fishing and have fun. Going fishing is really the only way to gain experience and learn how to catch fish. It’s also important to remember that we fly fish because it’s fun. There will be days where you don’t catch fish, and cliche or not you must enjoy the little things that make up a day on the water.