Matt Hodgson


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If you could never fly fish again, what activity would subsequently take over your life?

Crying my self to sleep.


How Do You Take Your Coffee?

With Jameson.


First fly rod? And a story to go with it/how you broke it.

My first fly rod was an Amundson Top Fly 9 ft 5 weight. We thought it would be sweet to float one of our favorite alberta streams in little Wal-Mart rafts (it was), but I ended up having a jousting match with a rock wall and my rod lost. 


First fish you caught on a fly you tied.

I caught a beautiful rainbow out of the Bow on a black zebra midge in the winter. I am fairly new to tying but remember being so stoked to see that he took the fly that I had tied that I went home and spun up about 30 more.

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What excites you about working in this community?

Meeting anglers that share the same passion that I do about fly fishing is amazing. We are very fortunate to have such amazing fisheries in Alberta and I love it when others also recognize that and are getting out as much as possible. 


Would you consider any specific water body your ‘home waters?’ How have these waters shaped you as fly angler?

I first learned to fly fish in the Nordegg area, catching cutts. My very first fish on the fly was a 20+ inch blood red cutty. The boys that took me out were so stoked and I was completely speechless. Immediately, I knew that I was hooked.


Beyond simply catching fish, what excites you about fly fishing?

Everything. From hearing others' stories, to dialing my kit in the night before, to having beers around the fire after a long day on the water.

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Dream trip? – Within Canada and Globally.

Within Canada-- I would have to say Fortress Lake for huge Brookies is up there on my list. I would also love to get up to the Tree River in Nunavut to fish for Arctic Char.


Number 1 tip for a beginner fly fisherman.

Don't rush into a nice looking spot and start casting blindly. Take your time to assess the situation, sit down, have a snack or a swig, and come up with a game plan.