First Week Of July - Bow River Report

  2016-07-06 at 21:42 pm

Bow River Fishing Report 07/06/16:

The Bow has been fishing pretty darn well as of late, with good numbers of sizeable trout coming into the boat. There are stoneflies kicking around, they are not popping off in epic proportion yet, and largely they are scattered with no real concentration, although there have been reports of good nighttime action in the city stretch happening these days. So get out there late, and stay late and be prepared to swing some foam!

Caddis and PMD’s are also about! Might have to stay late to get onto some good hatches and action on the sunny days. A couple of floats I’ve been on lately, it’s not been untill the sun starts to move low into the sky and one bank gets shaded before the fish will start coming up to the surface to feed. This does make for a great dryfly outing from 7-1am where you can fish caddis till the stones start coming off and fishing your night with foam!

Bugs: Foam bugs in size 06-10 have been producing, and dropping a girdle bug, worm or small pheasant tail two feet below the nymph has been a productive way of getting fish both on the bottom and top.

 Streamer fishing has been producing well, especially during and after some of the short foul weather events and thunderstorms we’ve had as of late. Also early hours of the day, before the sun has had a chance to get high over the water, we’ve seen this yield some impressive brown trout lately, so if your into big bricks of gold..... Commit to the streamer.

Meat: Bow river buggers, Muddy Buddys in Olive and Black, Dalai Lama’s and other flashy minnows in that sunshine.

Last but not least, getting down and dirty has consistently produced good fish throughout the entire day. Fishing leaches has by far produced the better fish to my boat as of late, girdle bugs working well but maybe not as well as two weeks ago, and small pheasant tails, haresears and copper johns starting to become major players, something we don’t usually see until late july early august... 

Then the thunderstorms come through and its back to worms and leeches. This mixture of weather has created some consistent inconsistency, so be adaptable and run through these different bugs and fish riffles, pools and glides until you figure out where they are at. 


Please be safe out there, do your due diligence and take water temps. If that water gets between 65-68 F please, please, please reel up and go home or just enjoy the river as it’s simply too warm for those fish to recover properly.

Please respect the fish by fighting them hard and leaving the camera at home, the longevity of these fish is far more important than a picture from a stressed out big fish. You can avoid undue harm by going out at first  or last light.


Last but not least, get outside, get fishing and have fun!!!



There has been an angling advisory administered by the provincial government due to low flows and high water temps. 

Taken Straight from the Government of Alberta Website

While anglers should always be mindful of river conditions and follow regulations, extra caution should be taken in fishing in zones along the Eastern Slopes (zones ES1, ES2 and ES4).To minimize risk to fish in these zones, anglers are encouraged to:

  • fish in stocked ponds and lakes
  • fish early in the mornings
  • minimize handling time and release fish as quickly as possible
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