Review: B-IIIX 9 ft 6wt

  2016-11-24 at 21:02 pm

In fall of 2016 I set out to find myself the perfect “do it all” trout rod. More specifically, I was searching for a rod to cover all of my medium/large sized river applications, as well as some cutthroat and stillwater stuff. I demanded a rod with enough finesse to softly present a sz. 18 dry, and enough power to launch an indicator rig or sink tip 60+ feet. This is where the 9’ 6 wt. BIIIX comes in.



To be honest, I definitely thought a 6 wt would be a little too much for my fishing situations, and like most I found myself leaning towards a 5 wt. There are a few things you need to know though: this rod weighs close to the same as most 5 wts on today's market, and is almost identical to a 5 wt in terms of fighting fish. In my eyes the 9’ 6 wt BIIIX combines the positive attributes of both a 5 wt and 6 wt into a unique and versatile rod.


This rod is unique in the sense that the caster can change the way this rod behaves in response to different fishing situations. A slower and more relaxed casting stroke utilizes the soft tip of this rod and produces a slow line speed. Slower line speeds will ensure a delicate presentation of smaller flies both in tight and further out. At the same time, a faster and more aggressive casting stroke will load the rod deeper, and utilize the faster boron butt section producing a higher line speed. A higher line speed will help turnover large flies & indicators, cut through wind and achieve further distance. This is the only rod I know of that can present a trico with feel (emphasis on feel) at 15 ft, yet also bomb a full 90 ft fly line out the rod tip.




Cliche or not, you can’t talk about a Winston without talking about their breathtaking finish. You really don’t need to be a fly fisherman to appreciate the quality and care that goes into the making of these rods, they are some of the best looking sticks out there. For those who don’t know, every little part on this rod, from the tip top to the reel seat, is handmade just south of the border in Twin Bridges, Montana and the Winston warranty is second to none.


I have this rod setup with a Galvan Rush 5 and 6 wt. Winston Energy Line. For the cost, the Galvan family of reels are some of the best on the market. I have had my Rush-5 for several months and it continues to impress; I have nothing but good things to say about it. In terms of lines, I’ve fished this rod with the 6 wt Elite Trout line from Air-Flo, and 6 wt Rio Gold line from Rio, two lines that I like very much, but the Winston Energy 6 wt line is certainly the best. It seems to load the rod perfectly, which is no surprise given the fact these lines were specifically designed for Winston rods.





By Aiden