Review: R.L. Winston BIII Plus Jungle 9 ft 8 wt

  2016-12-13 at 20:30 pm

On a recent trip to the Bahamas I had a chance to fish the new 9' 8 wt Winston "Jungle" Rod. I had been looking for a rod that would be a companion to my go to 7wt BIIMX Bonefish rod. 

Initially I had an Airflo 40 Plus, 8 wt, Bonefish line matched to the rod but realized it was severely "under gunned". I tried an 8 wt Rio Quickshooter line which did make the winds less problematic. The rod performed well and punching casts directly into a 30-40 kph wind, although never fun, was much easier. In hindsight the rod would be best served by uplining to a 9 wt. 


I ended up using the "Jungle Rod " the whole trip, even when fishing for Barracuda in a tidal channel. We normally have the guide carry a spare rod loaded with a Barracuda fly. However, I found myself at the Cuda Hole alone. So I clipped the leader and Bonefish fly and added a Needlefish pattern with a pre-tied wire leader. Although I didn't fight any Cudas, I did jump 3, 10-30 lb Tarpon. Casting the larger, more wind-resistant flies wasn't an issue.


So, my companion rod has been found! In my opinion, the Winston MX series rods are still their best Saltwater rods, however, the "Jungle Rod" develops more line speed and can handle all obstacles thrown at it.....Winston just needs to add an MX to the name.....





Corrigan Winston Boron Plus Jungle

By Mike