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Review: Winston Microspey Line-up

When Winston introduced their new series of two-handed rods, aptly named the BIII TH MS (Micro Spey), I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one (or three!).  Being a steelhead fanatic who happens to live east of the Rocky Mountains, I’m limited to a few weeks of steelhead fishing per year.  Fortunately, I live a stone’s throw from the world-famo ...
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By Elliott Barnes
  2018-04-10 at 20:08 pm

New Products We're Looking Forward To in 2018

A preview of some of the great new kit to watch out for this season. Approximate release dates are included.  Reels Abel TR Fly Reels – Spring/summer 2018? ...
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By Mark Storey
  2018-02-05 at 19:04 pm

Review: R.L. Winston BIII Plus Jungle 9 ft 8 wt

On a recent trip to the Bahamas I had a chance to fish the new 9' 8 wt Winston "Jungle" Rod. I had been looking for a rod that would be a companion to my go to 7wt BIIMX Bonefish rod.  Initially I had an Airflo 40 Plus, 8 wt, Bonefish line matched to the rod but realized it was severely "under gunned". I tried an 8 wt Rio Quickshoote ...
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By Mike
  2016-12-13 at 20:30 pm

Review: R.L. Winston BIIIX 9 ft 5 wt

  As the Alberta fishing season winds down for the winter months, I find myself starting to sort gear, tie flies, and build a shopping list for my annual trip to New Zealand. Each year I flip through photos of trips past and one thing stood out for me this time around: my  ...
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By Branden
  2016-11-24 at 21:07 pm

Review: B-IIIX 9 ft 6wt

In fall of 2016 I set out to find myself the perfect “do it all” trout rod. More specifically, I was searching for a rod to cover all of my medium/large sized river applications, as well as some cutthroat and stillwater stuff. I demanded a rod with enough finesse to softly present a sz. 18 dry, and enough power to launch an indicator rig or sink tip 60+ feet ...
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By Aiden
  2016-11-24 at 21:02 pm

Top Fly Fishing Accessories of 2016

Fishpond Summit Sling We were caught off guard by how popular this compact, comfortab ...
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By BRT Shop
  2016-10-06 at 21:21 pm

Our Staff's Favourite Reels of 2016

Our Favourite Fly Fishing Reels of 2016 At the shop we take a lot of pride in knowing our products. Because we highly value that our customers come to us for advise on what gear to invest their money in. It is for this reason that we make an effort to fish and critique all of our pro ...
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By BRT Shop
  2016-09-21 at 21:25 pm

Gear Review: R.L. Winston BIII LS 8' 3 wt

At the start of the 2015 season I was looking for a new light line weight rod as a tool to use in smaller headwaters and spring creeks. I love spending time on mountain streams and clear spring creeks throughout western Alberta and Eastern BC and I wanted the ultimate tool to softly present small dries in tight places. The  ...
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By BRT Shop
  2016-06-27 at 21:44 pm


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