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Streamer Fishing Considerations

Streamer fishing is an effective way to fish the river all year, and consistent success can be found in the spring, summer, and fall months. That said, it is crucial to learn to adapt tactics to be successful in both high and low water conditions. There are a couple key considerations for streamer fishing on the Bow.   The first consideration is you ...
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By Jacob
  2021-09-08 at 20:24 pm

Show Stopper Hoppers

The hopper ‘hatch’ in late July/August is an occurrence many look forward to after the dust has settled from the Stonefly happenings of early-mid July. As rain decreases through the summer, grass across the province begins to dry up. This means that grasshoppers must flock to areas with lush grass to continue feeding. Conveniently, this grass is primarily lo ...
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By Benjamin Day
  2021-08-18 at 18:50 pm

Fly Box Considerations

Flies are expensive.  If you’ve ever tied a fly (or tried to), it becomes apparent why the prices can get up there. Filling a box can easily cost $250. Nonetheless, the box that houses all these flies is often overlooked. While some anglers have a handful of different fly boxes, most have a few go-to’s that are their daily drivers. Making sure these box ...
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By Benjamin Day
  2021-07-30 at 17:33 pm

Stone Cold Crazy

The annual Stonefly hatch in early July is one of the most exciting times of the year for both anglers and fish alike. During this time trout can be easy to fool, providing a great chance to experience success on dry flies. Choosing the right flies, leaders, location, and time of day are all critical pieces to having a great experience on the water during this exciting ...
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By Benjamin Day
  2021-07-09 at 20:25 pm

Things to Remember This Season

Things to remember for the 2020 fishing season: Fishing season is fully underway at last! This season is going to prove to be a bit different than others. One of the main reasons for this is that there will be less guided trips being booked (as a result of international bor ...
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By Matt Hodgson
  2020-07-17 at 17:14 pm

Girth Matters -- A case for fishing stronger tippet

Girth Matters   A Case for Fishing Heavier Tippet Matt ...
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By Matt
  2020-02-01 at 22:24 pm

Stay Warm This Winter

It's that time of year again. Fair-weather fishermen have already set their gear aside. Some anglers are now shifting their gaze longingly upon the mountains that gather blankets of fresh snow, feeling the call to lay down some carefully planned, yet aggressive slashes on a blank white canvas. However, if you are readin ...
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By BRT Shop
  2018-09-15 at 18:18 pm

Southern Alberta Hatch Charts

Below are hatch charts for the Red Deer, Bow, and Old Man river. These charts are a rough guideline for what insect hatches to expect in these three river systems, but as we know, nothing is certain when it comes to a day on the river. Hopefully this general guideline will be able to provide you with the information to properly prepare your fly arsenal for your trip. We ...
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  2018-04-02 at 19:39 pm

Fish Handling Best Practices

Proper fish handling is essential to protecting our province's currently bountiful resource. Using proper catch-and-release techniques will help to ensure that the future of fishing in Alberta is a bright one. Before I get all purist on you, I would like to mention that it is not at all unethical to keep fish that are in accordance with a particular water& ...
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By Matt Hodgson
  2018-04-02 at 17:50 pm

How to Clean and Maintain your GORE-TEX Outerwear

How to Care for your GORE-TEX Gear:   To make sure the performance of your GORE-TEX gear (waders included) is performing properly for the upcoming fishing season, it’s best to wash and take care of this technical outerwear correctly. Don’t just toss your waders and ...
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By Matt Hodgson
  2018-03-24 at 18:09 pm





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