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Girth Matters -- A case for fishing stronger tippet

Girth Matters   A Case for Fishing Heavier Tippet Matt ...
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By Matt
  2020-02-01 at 22:24 pm

Stay Warm This Winter

It's that time of year again. Fair-weather fishermen have already set their gear aside. Some anglers are now shifting their gaze longingly upon the mountains that gather blankets of fresh snow, feeling the call to lay down some carefully planned, yet aggressive slashes on a blank white canvas. However, if you are readin ...
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By BRT Shop
  2018-09-15 at 18:18 pm

Southern Alberta Hatch Charts

Below are hatch charts for the Red Deer, Bow, and Old Man river. These charts are a rough guideline for what insect hatches to expect in these three river systems, but as we know, nothing is certain when it comes to a day on the river. Hopefully this general guideline will be able to provide you with the information to properly prepare your fly arsenal for your trip. We ...
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  2018-04-02 at 19:39 pm

Fish Handling Best Practices

Proper fish handling is essential to protecting our province's currently bountiful resource. Using proper catch-and-release techniques will help to ensure that the future of fishing in Alberta is a bright one. Before I get all purist on you, I would like to mention that it is not at all unethical to keep fish that are in accordance with a particular water& ...
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By Matt Hodgson
  2018-04-02 at 17:50 pm

How to Clean and Maintain your GORE-TEX Outerwear

How to Care for your GORE-TEX Gear:   To make sure the performance of your GORE-TEX gear (waders included) is performing properly for the upcoming fishing season, it’s best to wash and take care of this technical outerwear correctly. Don’t just toss your waders and ...
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By Matt Hodgson
  2018-03-24 at 18:09 pm

Photography Tips for Fly Fishing

Although the size of this bull trout is nothing special, this is one of my favourite bull trout photos. No grip and grin needed here, just a beautiful image showing off a beautiful fish.  Always keep fish in the wa ...
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By Mark S
  2018-03-05 at 22:05 pm

DIY Alberta Fly Fishing Trip

Planning a Do-it-yourself Alberta Fly-Fishing Trip   Alberta holds many amazing possibilities for exploring fantastic trout waters. We are lucky to have many world class rivers within striking distance. Sometimes deciding wher ...
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By Matt Hodgson
  2018-02-10 at 19:40 pm

Choosing The Right Running Line

Two-handed fishing has become drastically more popular over the last few years, particularly with the advent of 'trout spey,' or the use of light two-handers when fishing for trout. At Troutfitters, we're fully on-board with trout spey fishing because the casting is dang fun and there aren't many things that are more ex ...
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  2018-01-26 at 16:41 pm

Packing List for Alberta Fishing

What you'll need to have an enjoyable fishing trip in Alberta: Whether you’re planning your first fishing trip to Alberta, looking to better dial-in your own kit for this summer, or simply reading this because you have a pathological obsession with all things fly-fishing; eit ...
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By Matt
  2018-01-22 at 00:10 am

Choosing the right line

HOLD THE LINE Choosing a fly line can be a bit daunting. With the plethora of different options that are available these days, choosing the right line for your needs can seem like an arduous task ...
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By Matt
  2017-12-03 at 20:35 pm





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