Introductory Fly Fishing

Spend a full day learning how to fly fish under the guidance of experienced and certified instructors.

One day fishing clinics are broken into comfortable personalized casting instruction and a classroom tackle/strategy session.

Skills and strategies will include:

  • Fly Casting: Theory, dynamics and technique.
  • Fly Fishing Knots: Nail Knot, blood knot, surgeons, uni-clinch, leader construction and theory.
  • Tackle: How to choose the proper rods, reels, fly lines, leaders, waders and accessories. This is a great buyer's guide for any beginner fly fisher.
  • Entomology and Fly Selection: Introduction to insect identification and behavior. Fly selection and use, including dry flies, wets nymphs and streamer fishing.
  • Fly Fishing Strategies: Introduction to reading and understanding trout holding water.

We will also discuss safety, conservation, and etiquette issues that are a large part of fly fishing.

Emphasis is placed on providing low student-to-instructor ratios insuring a personalized experience to each student that attends. Whether you are a true beginner or have fished before our schools provide the skills and knowledge necessary to turn around the very next day and confidently fish on your own.

All equipment is supplied, we feel that it is important that you get the correct rod for your angling needs. This is why our instructors will assess your casting and where you will primarily fish in order to properly inform you of what rod is best suited to you.

2017 School Dates: Classes will start in April of 2017 and will run a minimum of 2 Sundays a month until the end of September.

Group Bookings: If you have a group of 4 or more do not hesitate to ask us for a more personalized date and time.

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The Introductory Fly Fishing School begins at 9:30 in our downtown location. There you will take place in a classroom setting where our knowlegable instructors will teach you about the tackle, fly fishing knots and the basic types of flies as well as there purpose.

At noon we break for lunch and reconvene at Shouldice Park in Bowness next to the aquatic center. For the afternoon portion our instructors will teach you how to cast on dry land which will be followed by a walk to the water where we will go over reading the water and some entomology.

We look forward to sharing this great past time with you!

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What's Included?

  • Rods
  • Reels
  • Lines
  • Flies 

6 - 8 hours of hands on instruction (our instructors are booked for the day so if you have more questions we are there to answer all of them)


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What do I Need To Bring?

All that you have to do to prepare is to dress for the weather. Given that we are in Calgary we do realize that could mean a wide variety of clothing but this will ensure that you get the most out of your day with our instructors.

We will break for lunch and participants are responsible for their own food.

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